Home Repair Eligibility and Income Guidelines

Map of service area for Home Repair Programs.

See eligibility requirements by program below:

Program Name
Income Limit
Grant or Loan
80% Median

0 match: <100% AMI
1:1 match: 101%-125% AMI
2:1 match: >125% AMI
Multi-family: no limit

$15,000 owner-occupied,
$7,500/unit multifamily
up to 12 units

Converts to grant at 20%/year over 5 years

Residential CPTED

up to 80% Median

Healthy Homes

up to 80% Median
 Home Counseling

Call 816-221-0286 with questions. Return applications to our office or email us.

2016 Income Guidelines for Jackson County:

Household Size 80% AMI 100% AMI 125% AMI
1 Person $40,800 $51,000 $63,750
2 People $46,600 $58,250 $72,812
3 People $52,450 $65,562 $81,952
4 People $58,250 $72,812 $91,015
5 People $62,950 $78,687 $98,359
6 People $67,600 $84,500 $105,625
 For more information, contact: mdade@westsidehousing.org

One thought on “Home Repair Eligibility and Income Guidelines

  • Hello, My name is Sophia Rea. I am writing on behalf of my mother. We own a home on the Westside which is in need of some repairs. We have been directed to your organization for assistance. Can you please let me know what we need to do to attempt to get assistance form you guys. Thank you so much.

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